Fall Sports Coaches Training

UpdatedSunday September 13, 2020 byLP Sports.

With all that is going on with COVID and reopening schools, sports, and in-person services, we have chosen to provide a different method of delivering the content of our coaches training meeting.

While it is a little more impersonal than I like, we are going to basically give you the meeting content in bullet points below as well as direct you to a series of short videos (longest one is just over 4 minutes) on the website.  Between this email and the videos, we feel you will at least have the basics needed to coach with us.

Keep in mind that we will also be seeing you the first week of practice in person and look forward to answering any questions and, as always, being available to help you throughout the season with your team.

While there are always lots of logistics to juggle, the most important thing to remember as we start this season is our purpose—to use sports as a tool to share the love of Christ with our kids and their families.  As long as we keep this as our focus, the little stuff falls into place.  There is no better time than now to see that many of the little things really don’t matter as we have navigated the various effects that COVID has had on everyone’s lives.  Some have gotten sick, some have lost loved ones, some have lost jobs, some have become teachers, some have had work situations drastically change, and on and on.  It is in trials like this where we have to FULLY depend on God to get us through.  Without HIM, navigating COVID would be like driving the Titanic right into the iceberg.  All that to say, we HAVE to keep our focus on Jesus and the purpose of our league—sharing HIS love through sports.

Finally, I realize that there is a lot of info in this email but we please ask you to take the time and review everything included, watch the videos and make CERTAIN you have reviewed and are up to speed on the COVID procedures we have in place to help mitigate the spread of COVID so we can keep everyone safe and hopefully play a full soccer season.

Before you read on, take a few minutes and WATCH THIS VIDEO about LP Sports and our purpose.



Sunday, September 13                   Equipment Issue—EAST SIDE of church—530-630p
Week of September 14                   Practices Begin
Thursday, September 24                Jersey Night—AT THE CHURCH—530-7pm
Saturday, September 26                 First Game
Week of October 12                        Gospel Presentation Week
Saturday, October 31                      Last Game

***NOTE—we are looking at playing 1-2 weeknight games most likely the weeks of October 12 and/or October 19.



This Sunday, September 13, from 530-630pm we will be on the EAST side of the main building (by the gym entrance) to hand out your equipment, coaches shirt, and whistle.  It will be exceptionally helpful if you can swing by during that hour and pick up your stuff so you are ready to go for practice. 

We are already expecting lots of questions from parents during our first practices so please help us out by getting your equipment on Sunday.  Plus, it’s a great excuse to get out of the house and pick up a Blizzard from DQ on the way home!!!!



You should have already received your roster via email and it should be loaded in your team app.  PLEASE contact your players and let them know about your first practice time and location.  All players should have received an email with their team assignment but we ask you to contact them as well.  WATCH THIS VIDEO for more about your first practice, rosters, and equipment.

IF THERE ARE ROSTER ISSUES—please direct parents to our staff at sports@lakepointe.church and we will do our best to help out. 



Each week in every league, we are asking you to share a brief devotional with the kids on your team.  WATCH THIS VIDEO to see how to do the devotional and where the material is located.  Sharing a devotional with your team is REQUIRED EACH WEEK.  Please make sure you are prepared in advance to share this short message with your kids.

About halfway through the season, we will ask you to share the Gospel message with your kids.  As we get closer, we will give you more information and materials.



One of the most common causes of disagreement on the game field is the misunderstanding of the rules for your sport and age division.  WATCH THIS VIDEO to find out more info about the rules of your sport/division as well as info on your game schedule.

The game schedule will be tentative sent to you in the next few days for your review.  Once published, the schedule will only change for weather issues.

When the game schedule is published, please DO NOT add the games to your app.  The game schedule will automatically populate to your app schedule.  We do encourage you to input your PRACTICE information into the team schedule on the app or through your team account so parents will have easy access to this information.



As we all know, good communication is one of the most important things we do many times during the day. We hope that we can communicate efficiently, clearly, and timely with you regarding information about our league.  We will mainly communicate via email, except for last minute weather updates which will generally be via text message. 

We also encourage you to communicate with your parents.  The app allows you to easily communicate with your team/parents and also allows them to communicate back to you.  Please take some time and learn the app and encourage your parents to do the same.  WATCH THIS VIDEO for more info on how we will communicate with you regarding the season.



Games will begin on Saturday, September 26 and a final game schedule will be published in the next few days.  It is important to remember that games will start on time so please make sure that you and your team are ready to go.  WATCH THIS VIDEO for more info on what to expect on game days.



Weather in Texas is always fun to try to predict!!!  We understand that there may be weather issues that come up during a practice or that affect a game day.  Our policy is to be VERY conservative when dealing with inclement weather, especially lightning.  Our lightning policy is very clear—if there is lightning in the area, we get off the fields. 

We follow the 30/30 rule.  The first 30 means that if the time between the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder is less than 30 seconds, the fields should immediately be cleared.  This means that you shelter OFF the fields and either inside a structure/car or leave completely. 

The second 30 means that we wait 30 minutes from the last sight of lightning or sound of thunder before returning to the field.  Every time we see lightning or hear thunder, the clock starts over.

Generally speaking, if you have lightning during your practice, the 30-minute waiting period basically eats up your practice time.  If this occurs, simply let us know and we can help you try to reschedule your practice.

We will communicate any weather updates to you via text, email, the website and on our LP Sports Facebook page.  We will post daily updates no earlier than 3pm and by 7am on Saturdays.



Our website is FULL of information for you to access including game schedules, info on what jerseys to wear, rules, locations, devotionals, and much more.  Please be sure you take a look at our site and be fully informed of all the little things that will make your job as a coach much easier. 



CLICK HERE to view our current COVID procedures.  Please MAKE CERTAIN you are aware of all of them, including screening, mask requirements, and social distancing requirement.

We will be issuing lots of hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies to all our coaches for you to use to help mitigate the spread of COVID among your teams.



So that we can confirm that all coaches have read and understand the material, both on coaching and on COVID, we are going to ask EVERY coach to take a very short quiz below.  We MUST have this completed BEFORE your first practice next week so we can get you on the field with your kids.

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE QUICK QUIZ.  REMEMBER—ALL coaches are required to take this quiz, please!!!!  There may be some fun door prizes associated with your answers or how quickly you respond.  THIS MUST BE COMPLETE BEFORE YOUR FIRST PRACTICE!!


Also, if there are questions that you may have, please email them to us at sports@lakepointe.church and we will respond to them as quickly as possible.

Again, thank you so much for coaching with LP Sports this season and for your flexibility in our training and coaching during COVID.  We are so ready to get on the field and look forward to a great season.