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January 2015
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
6704Sat, 01/24/201510:00 AMLPC Court AU 8 GirlsAmerican GirlsPinkalicious  
6802Sat, 01/17/201510:00 AMPullen ElemU10 BoysBlue DevilsStorm  
6800Sat, 01/24/201512:00 PMPullen ElemU10 BoysBlue DevilsLobos  
6755Sat, 01/17/201511:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 BoysBombersThe Magic  
6777Sat, 01/10/201510:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 BoysBucksSpurs  
6769Sat, 01/17/20151:00 PMLPC Court AU 8 BoysBucksReeses Pieces  
6779Sat, 01/31/201510:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 BoysBucksTexas Legends  
6860Sat, 01/24/201511:00 AMCain MS Court 1U12 BoysBullsSharks  
6838Sat, 01/31/201510:00 AMCain MS Court 1U12 BoysBullsRat Pack  
6707Sat, 01/24/201510:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 GirlsChampionsPower  
6756Sat, 01/24/201512:00 PMLPC Court AU 8 BoysChargersBombers  
6696Sat, 01/10/20151:00 PMLPC Court AU 8 GirlsCrushersAmerican Girls  
6697Sat, 01/24/20151:00 PMLPC Court AU 8 GirlsCrushersShooting Stars  
6814Sat, 01/10/201510:00 AMPullen ElemU10 BoysEaglesStingrays  
6833Sat, 01/17/201511:00 AMShannon ElemU10 BoysEaglesPanthers  
6794Sat, 01/24/201510:00 AMShannon ElemU10 BoysEaglesSpider Monkeys  
6744Sat, 01/31/201510:00 AMCain MS Court 2U12 GirlsFirecrackersLiberty  
6746Sat, 01/17/201511:00 AMCain MS Court 1U12 GirlsGalaxyFirecrackers  
6743Sat, 01/31/201511:00 AMCain MS Court 1U12 GirlsGalaxyPink Panthers  
6827Sat, 01/10/201510:00 AMShannon ElemU10 BoysHawksPanthers  
6829Sat, 01/31/20159:00 AMPullen ElemU10 BoysHawksMustangs  
6720Sat, 01/10/201511:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsHippy ChicksSweet Shots  
6721Sat, 01/24/201510:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsHippy ChicksLady Wildcats  
6848Sat, 01/24/201510:00 AMCain MS Court 1U12 BoysHoopstersTexas Legends  
6825Sat, 01/10/201511:00 AMShannon ElemU10 BoysHoosiersStorm  
6812Sat, 01/24/20159:00 AMPullen ElemU10 BoysHoosiersLumberjacks  
6757Sat, 01/10/20159:00 AMLPC Court AU 8 BoysJacketsTexas Legends  
6761Sat, 01/17/20151:00 PMLPC Court BU 8 BoysJacketsPiranahs  
6855Sat, 01/10/201511:00 AMCain MS Court 2U12 BoysKnightsSharks  
6836Sat, 01/17/201510:00 AMCain MS Court 1U12 BoysKnightsRat Pack  
6849Sat, 01/31/201512:00 PMCain MS Court 1U12 BoysKnightsHoopsters  
6734Sat, 01/10/20159:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady MavsLady Shooters  
6722Sat, 01/17/201512:00 PMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady MavsHippy Chicks  
6730Sat, 01/31/201511:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady MavsLady Tigers  
6727Sat, 01/17/20159:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady ShootersSweet Shots  
6718Sat, 01/31/201510:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady ShootersRockstars  
6731Sat, 01/24/201511:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady TigersLady Shooters  
6733Sat, 01/10/201510:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady WildcatsPurple Panthers  
6716Sat, 01/17/201510:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady WildcatsRockstars  
6725Sat, 01/31/201512:00 PMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady WildcatsSweet Shots  
6783Sat, 01/10/20151:00 PMLPC Court BU 8 BoysLakersChargers  
6786Sat, 01/17/201512:00 PMLPC Court BU 8 BoysLakersMavericks  
6766Sat, 01/24/201511:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 BoysLakersMustangs  
6740Sat, 01/10/201511:00 AMCain MS Court 1U12 GirlsLibertyFirecrackers  
6741Sat, 01/17/201510:00 AMCain MS Court 2U12 GirlsLibertyPink Panthers  
6745Sat, 01/24/20159:00 AMCain MS Court 2U12 GirlsLibertyGalaxy  
6691Sat, 01/10/20159:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 GirlsLionsChampions  
6693Sat, 01/24/20159:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 GirlsLionsPurple Thunder  
6809Sat, 01/10/20159:00 AMPullen ElemU10 BoysLobosLumberjacks  
6820Sat, 01/17/20159:00 AMPullen ElemU10 BoysLobosHoosiers  
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