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December 2014
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
6636Sat, 12/06/201412:00 PMLPC Court AU 8 GirlsAmerican GirlsPink Panthers  
6634Sat, 12/13/201411:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 GirlsAmerican GirlsLions  
6665Sat, 12/06/201410:00 AMPullen ElemU10 BoysBlue DevilsSloppy Joes  
6654Sat, 12/13/201412:00 PMLPC Court AU 8 BoysBombersSpurs  
6653Sat, 12/06/201411:00 AMLPC Court AU 8 BoysBucksBombers  
6689Sat, 12/13/201410:00 AMUtley MS Court 2U12 BoysBullsSaints  
6658Sat, 12/06/201411:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 BoysChargersReeses Pieces  
6676Sat, 12/06/20149:00 AMPullen ElemU10 BoysEaglesStorm  
6652Sat, 12/06/201410:00 AMCain MS Court 2U12 GirlsFirecrackersGalaxy  
6650Sat, 12/13/20149:00 AMUtley MS Court 2U12 GirlsFirecrackersPink Panthers  
6651Sat, 12/13/201412:00 PMUtley MS Court 1U12 GirlsGalaxyLiberty  
6684Sat, 12/06/20149:00 AMCain MS Court 1U12 BoysHoopstersSharks  
6682Sat, 12/13/201411:00 AMUtley MS Court 2U12 BoysHoopstersRat Pack  
6668Sat, 12/13/201410:00 AMShannon ElemU10 BoysHoosiersSpider Monkeys  
6655Sat, 12/06/20149:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 BoysJacketsMustangs  
6687Sat, 12/06/201410:00 AMCain MS Court 1U12 BoysKnightsBulls  
6648Sat, 12/06/20149:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady ShootersPurple Panthers  
6646Sat, 12/13/201412:00 PMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady ShootersLady Wildcats  
6643Sat, 12/13/201410:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady TigersHippy Chicks  
6645Sat, 12/06/201411:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsLady WildcatsLady Mavs  
6662Sat, 12/06/20141:00 PMLPC Court BU 8 BoysLakersThe Magic  
6633Sat, 12/06/201410:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 GirlsLionsCrushers  
6673Sat, 12/06/201412:00 PMShannon ElemU10 BoysLonghornsLobos  
6671Sat, 12/06/201411:00 AMShannon ElemU10 BoysLumberjacksStingrays  
6672Sat, 12/13/20149:00 AMPullen ElemU10 BoysLumberjacksLonghorns  
6678Sat, 12/06/201410:00 AMShannon ElemU10 BoysMavericksScreaming Eagles  
6660Sat, 12/06/201412:00 PMLPC Court BU 8 BoysMavericksPiranahs  
6674Sat, 12/13/201411:00 AMShannon ElemU10 BoysMavericksLobos  
6663Sat, 12/13/201412:00 PMLPC Court BU 8 BoysMavericksBucks  
6670Sat, 12/06/20149:00 AMShannon ElemU10 BoysMustangsTexas Legends  
6657Sat, 12/13/20149:00 AMLPC Court AU 8 BoysMustangsChargers  
6677Sat, 12/06/201412:00 PMPullen ElemU10 BoysPanthersHoosiers  
6680Sat, 12/13/201412:00 PMPullen ElemU10 BoysPanthersMustangs  
6649Sat, 12/06/201411:00 AMCain MS Court 2U12 GirlsPink PanthersLiberty  
6635Sat, 12/13/20149:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 GirlsPink PanthersCrushers  
6639Sat, 12/13/20141:00 PMLPC Court BU 8 GirlsPinkaliciousPurple Thunder  
6661Sat, 12/13/201410:00 AMLPC Court BU 8 BoysPiranahsLakers  
6640Sat, 12/06/201410:00 AMLPC Court AU 8 GirlsPowerPinkalicious  
6638Sat, 12/13/201410:00 AMLPC Court AU 8 GirlsPowerShooting Stars  
6647Sat, 12/13/20149:00 AMJones ElemU10 GirlsPurple PanthersLady Mavs  
6681Sat, 12/06/20149:00 AMCain MS Court 2U12 BoysRat PackRockets  
6659Sat, 12/13/20141:00 PMLPC Court AU 8 BoysReeses PiecesTexas Legends  
6683Sat, 12/13/201410:00 AMUtley MS Court 1U12 BoysRocketsThunder  
6641Sat, 12/06/201412:00 PMJones ElemU10 GirlsRockstarsHippy Chicks  
6690Sat, 12/06/201412:00 PMCain MS Court 1U12 BoysSaintsThunder  
6679Sat, 12/13/201411:00 AMPullen ElemU10 BoysScreaming EaglesEagles  
6688Sat, 12/13/20149:00 AMUtley MS Court 1U12 BoysSeminolesKnights  
6686Sat, 12/13/201411:00 AMUtley MS Court 1U12 BoysSharksTexas Legends  
6637Sat, 12/06/20149:00 AMLPC Court AU 8 GirlsShooting StarsPurple Thunder  
6666Sat, 12/13/20149:00 AMShannon ElemU10 BoysSloppy JoesTexas Legends  
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